Session Descriptions


Keynote – Thursday, 12:45 am – Room 1
Dana Corey – How to Change What’s Keeping You Down in 4 Easy Steps

Dana CoreyOur frame of mind is a powerful thing. Learn to affect change in the areas which frustrate you the most, whether in business or in life, quickly and easily by following 4 simple steps.

1. The Dangerous Cycle Most Successful Entrepreneurial Women Operate From that keeps them from producing results, feeling accomplished and experiencing happiness
2. The Most Important Ingredient to Having a Stress Free, Satisfying Business
3. The Formula to Making Lifelong Lasting Changes In Your Business

Dana Corey is an international speaker, high performance business strategist and Founder of Big Heart, Big Life. She is an expert at coaching successful business owners beyond what they already know and currently believe, turning “that’s impossible” into “I did that!”

Dana believes that the highest probability of the deepest transformation occurs in an intimate conversation over time and individually mentors each client towards freedom, flexibility and fun. Her clients include entrepreneurs, small business owners, and Fortune 100 and 500 executives.

Facebook: @modernrelationshipexpert
Twitter: @DanaCoreyMRE

Thursday, 10:00 am – Room 1
WordPress – Beyond the Beginner

Want to feel more confident about managing your WordPress website? WordPress is a great platform to build your website on, and there’s lots of great information for when you’re just getting started. But what about the next steps? What do you need to know after you’ve gotten started? WordPress: Beyond the Beginner is perfect for you if you know how to create post & pages, install themes & plugins, and want to feel more in control of your website. We’ll discuss how to troubleshoot some common issues, an easy website insurance policy for if things go wrong, and some of my must-use and go-to plugins for common functionality and integrating with popular services for analytics and marketing. Want to feel more confident about managing your WordPress website? WordPress is a great platform to build your website on, and there’s lots of great information for when you’re just getting started. But what about the next steps? What do you need to know after you’ve gotten started?

WordPress: Beyond the Beginner is perfect for you if you know how to create post & pages, install themes & plugins, and want to feel more in control of your website. We’ll discuss how to troubleshoot some common issues, an easy website insurance policy for if things go wrong, and some of my must-use and go-to plugins for common functionality and integrating with popular services for analytics and marketing.

Terri Orlowski

My passion/obsession had always been computers, ever since I met the little Turtle that we used to make pictures with Pascal in computer lab. That obsession inspired me to major in Information Systems, thinking I was going to get into software programming. But sitting in the computer lab one day, I noticed someone coding on the screen next to me and asked what it was. HTML!!! The code I can use to make websites!!! My obsession morphed.

When I started beyond the office, I created my own website, because I could. Wow, had website practices changed in those last years!! I researched and learned more, and before too long, had my first (unexpected) website client. I wasn’t even offering it as a service, but people were asking for it anyway. Then I discovered WordPress (cue angels singing). WordPress is an awesome tool for business owners to have great looking websites that they can maintain themselves. So I taught myself to create custom themes for WordPress, ’cause no one wants their website to look like everyone else’s.

Now, after being in business for over 8 years, WordPress related services are the core of what I offer.

Facebook: @beyondtheoffice
Twitter: @torlowski

Thursday, 10:00 am – Room 2:
7 Things to Stop Doing Today to be More Successful Tomorrow

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, you’ve likely been bombarded with hundreds of resources, articles, and people telling you what to do. It can be overwhelming with so much different and sometimes conflicting information. Molly and Vickie are here to sort through the clutter and tell you what NOT to do! Why should you listen to them? They met while working at a multi-VA firm in 2011. As they developed their own successful separate businesses, they’ve made every business mistake possible. Now, they’re here to share their failures and save you years of stress, misery, and heartache! Following this session, you will stop: losing money on resources you can get for free; throwing money down the drain on marketing your business; getting paid less than you are worth; saying yes when you really mean no; and much more!

Molly Scialabba

molly-scialabbaWell respected by her clients and colleagues, Molly Scialabba is the founder, owner and CEO of Online Business Management, LLC. Her company specializes in doing all those little things that make the big things possible. Molly’s work experience started in Boston, MA as an Executive Assistant and Office Manager for a specialty equity investment management firm. In 2005 she changed her course, made her way down South and had a successful career in new home sales. Five years later, Molly was married to the love of her life and about to start a family. She created a business that would fit within her new lifestyle as a Mom. That business has grown into Online Business Management, LLC whose clients include world-renowned speakers, authors, coaches, CEO’s, consultants and business owners.

Twitter: @obmgmt

Vickie Nickel

vickie-nickel-200xVickie founded Vickie Nickel & Associates, LLC, an online business management firm providing specialized services to speakers, authors, and coaches in 2011. A marketing and communications manager turned entrepreneur, Vickie excels at conquering complex business challenges. Having worked with Toastmasters World Champions of Public Speaking, former presidents of the National Speakers Association, and Hall of Fame Speakers, Vickie has earned a solid reputation in the speaking industry and was featured in the January/February 2015 issue of Speaker Magazine. In 2014, her business grew 125%, grossing over 6 figures in just 3 years. Residing in Georgia, Vickie enjoys spending time with her husband and three sons.


Facebook: @VickieNickelAndAssociates
Twitter: @vickienickel

Thursday, 11:15 am – Room 1:
Grow Your VA Business by Launching

As a VA, you’re busy building other people’s businesses, helping clients launch products, programs and events. In fact, many VAs get so busy, they forget to create and launch their OWN products, programs, and events. It’s important to launch your own products and programs to keep filling your pipeline and leverage your time. How can you build your VA business by launching, while still offering a high level of service to your clients? The secret lies in knowing what products to create and when to launch. Whether you’re a new or established VA, this breakout session will show you how to come up with product ideas using a “backward funnel” approach, and how to plan a successful launch—from start to finish.

Cristina Favreau

Cristina Favreau (aka the Launch Geek) is a former VA/OBM turned coach/consultant. Cristina’s in the business of launching stuff online. You name it, over the past decade, she’s launched it. Cristina specializes in guiding “IndiePreneurs” through the stressful, overwhelming and confusing product launch phase — from planning, to pre-launch, to closing the cart, and delivery. She’ll help you come up with a launch execution plan that fits your business, personality, and technical know-how. So, if you’re ready to rock your next launch, to have someone guide you through the entire process and finally gain forward-moving momentum, let Cristina help!


Facebook: @CristinaFavreauOnline
Twitter: @CristinaFavreau

Thursday, 11:15 am – Room 2:
Become a Webinar Specialist

Many of your clients already know about webinars. They’ve attended them and are either doing webinars or want to do them — with your help of course!

Having the ability to setup, manage, record and edit webinars can be challenging for many business owners. There’s a lot of different webinar providers, some basics to know and let’s face it, many of your clients simply don’t have the time or desire to learn how to do them right. The “Become a Webinar Specialist” presentation will provide you with everything you need to know to decide if this lucrative VA Specialty is for you. It can lead to a career where you learn while you earn.

Michelle Schoen

michelle-schoen-200xMichelle’s been creating top notch software demos, video training and webinars with her three favorite tools: Camtasia Studio, PowerPoint and GotoWebinar. With over ten years of experience in all facets of Internet Marketing, Michelle helps her clients with their video screencasts,pitch webinars, training webinars and the design of their slide presentations.

Before becoming a Camtasia Screencast Specialist and Webinar Assistant, Michelle’s career included six years as an Instructional Designer with AT&T and four years as a Project Manager of an Instructional Technology team at IBM. The last eight years have been spent teaching Camtasia Studio, PowerPoint and Webinar Production to Internet Marketers and Virtual Assistants.

Besides thoroughly enjoying running her VA Business, Michelle loves Interior Decorating, crocheting boots and bracelets and homeschooling her kids in Atlanta, GA where she lives with her husband, Michael and children, Danielle and Joshua.

Facebook: @VADemoGirl
Twitter: @michelleschoen

Thursday, 2:15 pm – Room 1:
Marketing Madness – Keep Your VA Business Thriving

These tips will keep your business rock’n month after month with awesome clients (targeting the right clients) and doing what you love doing. So many miss the mark because they aren’t targeted and focused on getting their ideal clients. Not to worry, I’ll break it down for you. Plus, I’ll show you how easy it is to market your own business while having a full client load, something so many neglect.

From press releases and social media magic to paid Facebook ads, networking, pitching the media, article writing, and more I’ll show you how it’s done. Whether you are new and just starting or established and just want more success, you will benefit from the proven tips provided. And because marketing constantly changes, I’ll show you how to stay up-to-date and keep on top of it all. Marketing made fun! That’s what we’ll do.

Diana Ennen

Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing, offers PR and marketing and Virtual Assistant services and coaching. She also teaches PR in her PR Success Series training courses. In business since 1985, she frequently speaks and writes on all topics business-related and especially on the VA Industry. She’s the author of 6 books with the most popular being the best-selling Virtual Assistant – The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA. She’s appeared in Forbes, INC Radio, Fox News, Women’s World, USA Today, CNN, Wall Street Journal, and many more and has been successful in getting all her clients major media mentions as well.


Facebook: @VirtualWordPublishing
Twitter: @DianaEnnen

Thursday, 2:15 pm – Room 2:
Grow Your Email List and Increase Your Visibility Using YouTube

You will learn how to create a YouTube business channel that is designed to help you build your list, increase your visibility and become known as an expert in your niche … without wasting your time and without going broke…

Edie Clarke

My name is Edie Clarke and my company is Virtually In Sync. I’m a Video Creation and YouTube Marketing Strategist who can help you engage with your audience through the use of videos.

I love learning about the latest and greatest video creation and marketing techniques and processes and more importantly, I love teaching what I know to others in a manner that is not OVERWHELMING or STRESSFUL. I take online entrepreneurs, who are confused about how to make videos and where to market them, and I teach you how to use simple tools that will produce engaging videos that will build your tribe and get you seen without breaking the bank.

My overarching philosophy is to help you get seen, get heard and get the results you want for your business through the use of video.

Facebook: @VirtuallyInSync
Twitter: @virtuallyinsync

Thursday, 3:30 pm – Room 1:
Captive Communication: It’s a SNAP with Screen & Picture Capture Tools

This presentation will explore ways to use captive communication to explain a scenario or communicate more clearly and quickly. With email overload, why not send a screencast video or screenshot to clarify a question or explain how to carry out a task. Visuals are vital to online communication. Images and videos let you clearly get your point across so you can spend less time communicating and more time getting work done. With this presentation, we’ll evaluate tools such as Jing and SnagIt and analyze how and when to use them. Secondly, we’ll discuss how to share these screen sharing videos and tools easily. It’s a synch!

Theresa Scholes

Theresa Scholes is the owner of Click Virtual Assistance specializing in membership site set up and internet marketing strategies and implementation for the online business owner. A firm believer in matching the right actions to realistic goals, Theresa helps time-strapped entrepreneurs use the web to raise their profile and boost profits.

In operation since 2006, staying on the cutting edge of today’s technologies, allows me to better equip my clients with resources that will make their businesses more efficient in the long run.

Working as my own boss allows me the flexibility to choose a lifestyle that includes my husband and 3 great kids. What could be better!

Facebook: @theresa.scholes
Twitter: @TheresaScholes

Thursday, 3:30 pm – Room 2:
Make Your Introduction Sizzle

Every VA needs a quick introduction that lets people know who we are and what we have to offer; connections are the lifeblood of our business. So you’d think we’d all be able and eager to answer the question, “What do you do?” But many of us respond in a way that’s boring at best. Or unclear and confusing. We may even know we’re making people’s eyes glaze over; we can see that we’re losing them. We’re just not sure what to do about it. Short conversations can have long-term results; profitable relationships often begin with an “elevator speech” or a glad-to-meet-you chat at a networking event. Discover how to put some pizzazz in your introduction so that you can attract clients and referrals every time you talk about your work.

Catherine Johns

Catherine coaches entrepreneurs and professionals who want to get more clients, have more impact and make more sales. A one-time wallflower, Catherine developed her powerful presence – and her way with words – as a radio news anchor, talk show host and morning show side-chick.
Since she broke out of the broadcasting boys’ club, Catherine’s been guiding entrepreneurs and executives to speak up, stand out, and make their message more magnetic. Because when they speak with power and presence, they influence their audience to take action. Catherine gets rave reviews for her keynotes and workshops for business organizations, professional associations and women’s groups. Typical reaction: “We learned a ton AND had fun doing it.”

Catherine is the author of Show Up and Shine: Simple Steps to Boost Your Confidence and Charisma.

Facebook: @catherine.johns.chicago
Twitter: @catherinejjohns

Thursday, 4:45 pm – Room 1:
Using Your Health to Create a Thriving Business

We’ve all done it, you run to your office to respond quickly to an email and then you’ll grab breakfast or head out for a walk. Then you look up and three hours have passed – no breakfast and no walk and you are still sitting at your desk putting out client fires. Sound familiar??

Maybe you are the opposite – you are home all day and you are constantly grazing all day long or are you working at the coffee shop and those tasty baked goods and coffee drinks are just too hard to resist!

During our time together we’ll talk about:

  • How to use to fitness to help your business thrive.
  • What foods will give you energy that doesn’t include caffeine or sugar.
  • Why your health should be just as an important as your clients.
Kim Barnes Jefferson

Kim Barnes Jefferson is a healthy living expert and fitness coach for women who are ready to fall back in love with themselves. She focuses on women we want off the perfection/obsession train and long for a plan that is sustainable and unique to them!! My goal is to them a new bag of tricks and realize a leopard can get new spots. I’m known for my straight forward results- oriented approach. I have degrees and certifications in marketing, personal training, nutrition and wellness.



Twitter: @fabfitsquad

Thursday, 4:45 pm – Room 2:
Show Me the Clients – The Top 5 Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Even Know You Are Making!

It can be hard work finding clients. Most entrepreneurs work really hard for their money. And let’s face it; there is a LOT to do, especially when you are a one man or very small business! If you feel you are working very hard but you still need more clients. You are not alone. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are putting their efforts into the wrong Marketing tactics, and pretty much guaranteeing they are not getting all the clients they want. During this talk I will show you: The 5 major Marketing mistakes that stop entrepreneurs from getting the clients they want. The #1 reason entrepreneurs struggle to get clients and get their business into 6 figures. My simple, no-fail 3 step process for generating a lifetime of clients. The best methods of attracting clients that are working, right now based on what stage your business is currently in.

Liz Scott, BSc., CPC, ELI-MP

Liz is a certified professional business coach who’s motto is “GET FIRED UP!” She’s the founder of the Women’s Entrepreneurial Network North and the Entrepreneurs Success Club. She specializes in lighting a fire under you and your business. With a degree in Psychology and over 25 years of Marketing experience as a senior Vice President, Liz is well-equipped to help business owners to take charge of their success.



Facebook: @LizScottAffinityCoach
Twitter: @lsaffinitycoach

Friday, 10:00 am – Room 1:
Creating Systems for Resiliency and Balance

We all know that systems can help us save time and have less stress. What you may not realize is that systems help you build resiliency and find balance. Systems prepare you for whatever may impact your business.

In this session, I’ll share the 4 essential areas of your business that you must address to control the chaos and overwhelm. I’ll also share my personal story of how systems saved my business after nearly losing it all to an arson fire. Finally, I will show you how a complete systems overhaul can help you find balance in both your business and your life!

Christine Morris

christine_morris_200xFounder of, Christine has worked her way through the online business world. After starting her business as a virtual assistant and quickly building a multi-VA team, she moved on to become a highly sought-after Online Business Manager and Systems expert, working behind the scenes of several 6- and 7- figure businesses, managing their teams and creating strategies for growth.

Christine’s journey hasn’t been without its share of struggles. In 2014, Christine and her family were victims of a devastating arson fire. The months following this tragedy became a time of reflection. Rather than looking at this loss as a setback, she chose to use the lessons learned through her journey to help even more entrepreneurs create a fabulously balanced life.

Today, Christine uses this experience as a business and productivity coach, helping busy entrepreneurs create a life more in line with both their personal and business goals.

Facebook: @StrategicGrowth
Twitter: @ItsChristineM_

Friday, 10:00 am – Room 2:
Growing Your VA Business

I understand the challenges of a VA business and trying to get clients. After 5 years I finally was able to determine my ideal client and how to get them to notice me. I will teach discovering your specialty; Who is your ideal client and where do they hang out?; How to market using keywords on your website and social media, and in your blogs and newsletters; Creating a digital product to build credibility and your list. All the key words to match so you’d Google rankings are high, making it easier for your ideal clients to find you.

Jen Lindblad

Jen Lindblad received her Bachelors in Business Administration from Liberty University and her Professional Life Coach certification from Light University. She also has certifications in Office Professionals and Business Communications from Cornell University.

Jen is a VA coach & Virtual Executive Assistant & CEO for On Demand Assistants. She offers her clients more than 20 years of education and experience as a coach & VA. After working from home for employers: Corning Inc., Cornell University, and Johnson & Johnson for several years, Jen established On Demand Assistants in 2009.

At first Jen supported anyone – painters, coaches, speakers, accountings, florists, and non-profits. Now she focuses her attention on assisting speakers & coaches with growing their businesses. Jen enjoys helping others build their businesses so much that her PASSION is coaching other women who want to work from home using their administrative skills to start or expand their VA business.

Facebook: @OnDemandAssistants
Twitter: @jenlindbladODA

Friday, 11:15 am – Room 1:
3-Step Blueprint to Landing Successful Online Business Owners with Irrististible Proposals

You’re invited to join me in this exclusive Pricing & Proposals Workshop where service based business owners stop struggling with closing sales because of dry proposals.

During this workshop you will discover the proven steps I’ve used in my multi-6 figure service based business that will help you land really successful online business owners with irresistible proposals.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to implement a simple structure that displays your skills to your next potential client so they fall in love with you, understand the purpose of proposals, stop guessing and create a pricing structure that feels good for you and finally design a follow up system that puts money in the bank.

Sonaya Williams

Sonaya Williams the founder of The CEO Partner®, a systems driven, profits-obsessed, full service operations agency that helps smart CEOs grow their business and meet their goals. She also teaches heart-centered servant leaders, such as virtual assistants, operation managers, project managers and business managers, how to attract 6 & 7 figure online business owners. Sonaya recently moved to London, UK from New Jersey, US where she is living her dreams of starting a family and running an international business.


Twitter: @sonayawilliams

Friday, 11:15 am – Room 2:
Dangerous Trends All Virtual Professionals Face That Keep Them Overwhelmed, Underpaid, and Undervalued

Learn what successful business owners REALLY want so that you are an in-demand, well-paid and indispensable Virtual Support Professional.

Tiffany Johnson

tiffanyjohnson-200xTiffany is a seasoned Online Business Manager who is passionate about supporting Online Business Managers in LIVING their success dream. She excels in team development, systems/process management and project leadership. As an entrepreneur herself, she understands the challenges and successes of running, maintaining and developing a strong foundational business. Tiffany believes fully her success lies only in the success of the businesses she serves.

Friday, 12:30 pm – Room 1:
Close Clients Quickly with The 8 Languages of Money

You’re out there marketing, networking, connecting, and following up. Then you finally get someone on the phone with you and you hear, “Let me think about it”, or you lower your rate because you think they can’t afford your true value. No more!

  • Uncover the #1 mistake we make when stepping into sales conversations.
  • Learn the proven formula to Close Clients Quickly!
  • Reveal your hidden money challenges that may be causing you to sabotage the sale before the call has even started.
  • Learn the 3 step formula for a successful sales call, every time.
  • Discover how to easily, confidently and courageously achieve a 100% close ratio without being or feeling like a sales person. (Nurturers will love this one!)
Liz Dederer

“Women, Sales & Making Money are not typically said in the same sentence.  I’m on a mission to change that!”

A firm believer that business doesn’t have to feel so hard, Liz Dederer helps women in business Speak their Value using The 8 Languages of Money™ so they can Close Clients Quickly!

Before birthing a business and a baby in 2011, Liz worked her way up in retail – first working in stores, then moving into corporate where she created training programs and executed sales plans for international retailers. As a consultant, she developed growth strategies for start up, turnaround, high growth and venture-capital backed companies.

Liz’s most memorable corporate experience is turning around an underperforming sales team from under 300K to $1.2M in 6 months. She now takes her unique view point from working on the front line in stores to the board room and everywhere in between to help women in business speak their value!

Facebook: @MaximizeYourValue
Twitter: @lizdederer

Friday, 12:30 pm – Room 2:
Master Your Success the Authentic Way

Running a successful VA business requires that you understand the worth you bring, not in financial terms but in the value and contributions you make to those you work with. The best way to become successful as a VA is not only to be empowered with effective and proven tools but also to realise that the most valuable gift you can offer your clients is your authentic self.

Technical and professional skills can be taught; work ethic, values, personality and fit cannot but when applied to your business will enhance your offering, your enjoyment and ultimately your success. In this session, we will examine how even in start up phase these underpinning integral skills and understanding the law of receptivity will allow you to “Master Your Success the Authentic Way”. Maya Angelou sums it up well: “Liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson of The Virtual Assistant Coaching and Training Company, is one of the UK’s premier providers for VA training and mentoring. Having launched her VA career on her retirement from the Royal Navy, she now runs a team of Virtual Assistants as part of her VA business Your Executive Secretary Limited, where she is still a VA to some clients (Amanda is a firm believer that it is critical to understand the grass root elements of the VA industry). Passionate about “Creating Exceptional VA’s”, she does this by inspiring, challenging and supporting them to have their own successful VA business. It is all underpinned by core values, being authentic and exceptional experiences and knowledge. Wife to Andrew, Mum to James and Jacob, 2 gorgeous little boys, who run her ragged and she often shares their exploits – as believe it or not they teach great business lessons!

Facebook: @VirtualAssistantCoachingandTraining
Twitter: @vatrainingpro

Friday, 1:45 pm – Room 1:
Digital Designing for VAs

VA’s sometimes want their online Digital Design Applications to have more functionality. Creating unique or modifying graphics for social media projects might be a problem. The difficulty of Photoshop along with having to purchase monthly subscription, makes this a prohibitive cost.

The answer to this Digital Design problem is Photoshop Elements. You have many of the powerful Photoshop features for a one-time cost of less than $100. This software runs on Desktops, Laptops, Notebooks, and some tablets.

Imagine being able to create a document for web or print and any size that you want. Be able to fix problems with photographs, enhance images, and include one or more images to create a unique graphic. With a minimal about of training any novice user can start creating documents immediately then advance from there. 1 lucky winner will receive a 5 week course.

Sandy Moniz

Sandy Moniz is a Business Solutions Strategist/Imagineer who helps busy business owners establish and implement policies and procedures so their business runs smoothly without demanding a lot of their time.

Sandy is a Digital Design Expert and created a limited edition book called “Living a Dream” which was not your typical table top book but one that included digital enhanced photographs.

Sandy is an avid nature/wildlife photographer with over 40 years of experience but is truly passionate about using her photographs to create digitally enhanced works of art. She has many articles and photographs on along with articles/pictures published in Nature Photographer Magazine. On a trip to Zambia, Sandy visited a local village where she worked with the children teaching them all about digital photography followed by printing and distributing the pictures to all of the children.

Facebook: @sandy.moniz.traveler
Twitter: @Sandy_Travels

Friday, 1:45 pm – Room 2:
Taking Your Business From Financial Mess to Pillars of Wealth

Anyone can start a business, but only a few people are true entrepreneurs and can have a successful business. It takes ambition, drive and passion to become a true success. Those are the type of motivated people who end up working with me and I go out of my way to help. Learn how to take your business from a Financial Mess to Pillars of Wealth.

Cozette White

Cozette White is the CEO and founder of My Financial Home Enterprises, a nationwide consulting business specializing in wealth management. A certified coach and an exceptional business communicator, Cozette is also the author of Smart Finances for Smart People, a new book offering strategies and tactics to effectively manage your personal finances even if you are crazy busy.

Cozette has more than 20 years of experience in corporate America in leadership roles ranging from project management to corporate controller managing portfolios in excess of $500M. As a result of working with Cozette, clients make sense of their money. Clients are more confident, empowered and inspired to make wealth a priority and create tangible results that make a meaningful difference in their life and families.

Facebook: @MyFinancialHome
Twitter: @MyFinancialHome

Friday, 3:30 pm – Room 1:
Closing Remarks, Grande Finale Drawings & Live Summit Announcement

Lisa Wells, IVAA President
Patty Dost, Vice President