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Keynote Session

“We Need to Talk: Your Guide to Challenging Business Conversations”Andrea Lee
Andrea demonstrates how having those difficult conversations improves the health and productivity of all involved due to stress relief. It frees up energy to be creative and reframes the negative emotions by changing their meaning. Here are just some of the practical and powerful recommendations contained in her comprehensive book: Stop this Meeting; Say No More Often; Give Emotions Their Proper Place; The Delta Model

Breakout Sessions

“How to Kick Start Your VA Business Using Video”Edie Clarke
Are you ready to produce your first video for your business, but you’re not sure exactly where to begin? In this webinar you will learn, The role that your video(s) play in your overall marketing strategy; How to get started using video; Anatomy of an effective video; The 5 best types of videos you should create and how to use them; How to get your video seen.

“From Assistant to CEO: The Sky’s the Limit for Your VA Business”Tracey D’Aviero
Many VAs come into the industry from the role of support staff, having held one or more administrative positions in the corporate world. Transitioning to being a business owner can be challenging. As you wade through this unfamiliar territory, there are simple things you can do to set your business on the right foundation. We’ll talk about how to build your foundation in this session: * how to pick and focus on a strong target market * why good research will be your best tool for growth * how to package and price packages that sell (and support)

“Is Your Website a Client Attraction Magnet or an Online Business Card?” Lee Drozak
Imagine if your clients came to your website and knew what to do and why? Most service providers use their website as an online business card instead of a sales generating machine. In today’s online marketplace, you need to guide your visitors through the steps you want them to take to convert views into leads and dollars. It begins with crafting the perfect message that speaks to them, not at them. In this session, you’ll also learn where to start when designing or redesigning your website. And it’s not what you think. What the key parts of your site need to include and why. Plus you’ll learn ONE SIMPLE thing you can do RIGHT NOW to make you site a client attraction magnet.

“Using Visuals in Marketing” Sheila Edens-Brown
Using visuals in your marketing, social media and other content has become a marketer’s arsenal. Visuals has become the hottest and most powerful tool in content marketing. Knowing how to use it effectively and create visuals quickly is no longer an option – it’s a requirement. Take time to find out how to master visual marketing.

“Top 10 Rules for Writing Powerful Website Copy” Lois Feinstein
In easy-to-understand language, I will discuss the difference between writing copy for print and writing for the web. I will explain the main points and how to integrate them into website copy. The talk will cover topics including avoiding keyword stuffing, creating strong H1 and H2 headers, and developing and placing a call to action on each page. There will also be tips on determining a business’s unique selling proposition, proofreading and the importance of writing in the second person (using “you” instead of “we” or “I”).

“7 Keys to Working With High-End Clients” Tina Forsyth
This topic is geared to help both new and established Virtual Assistants find good clients who value the service they provide and sing their praises, happily pay on-time and without complaint, have enough work to keep you busy and are fun to work with. Yes, these clients DO exist but many VAs just haven’t found the best way to connect with them yet. In this session, Tina will share exactly how to find them, what services they want, the ONE thing that every high-end client desperately wants, what to CHARGE and a whole lot more.

“Networking Secrets Revealed!” Mark & Shannon Grainger
If you aren’t making the kind of money you know is possible, you could be missing a few key pieces of how to reach out and connect with your ideal clients. Mark and Shannon will reveal the biggest barriers that keep you from making a consistent 6 figures while making a big impact.

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll learn…

  • How To Get Rid of Self Doubt & Fear While Networking (Once And For All)
  • The #1 Secret To Get Paid What Your Worth & Having The Big Impact You’re Here To Make
  • 3 Keys To Stop Spinning Your Wheels & Start Making A Bigger Difference… Finally
  • How To Overcome Your Fear, Feel On Purpose & Have Unshakeable Confidence Like Marianne Williamson and Martin Luther King Jr.
  • How To Land A High Paying Client Who Adores You (and why having fun will land you more of them)
  • “Why Small Speaking Gigs In Your Backyard Are Better Than Huge Stages (and why no one else has the guts to say so)”

“The Wild and Wonderful World of Working with a Professional Speaker” Kate Holgate
It takes a special set of skills to work with professional speakers. They are stressed, focused, dynamic, passionate and just a little bit crazy. In this session, Kate will share her expertise about working with professional speakers, their clients as well as discussing the software programs crucial to the speaking industry. She will be discussing what services speakers are actually looking for, how to choose the best speakers for your own schedule, skills and personality as well as teaching you about the speaking industry and how to work with meeting planners and speakers bureaus on behalf of your speaker. Kate will also be providing handouts including a glossary of terms used in the speaking industry as well as additional resources that will give you insight into this industry and the often chaotic life and mind of a professional speaker.

“Social Media 101: Basics and Time Savers” Tamara Jaros
This webinar is a guide for the small business or non-profit who has been using social media marketing, but needs some tips to take it to the next level. We’ll highlight the 5 most popular social networks, social etiquette, types of content to create, simple ways to find usable and relevant content for your social media posts, time saving tips for managing your social media and how to integrate into promotions and events.

“How to Attract New Business & Build Lasting Client Relationships Using the Principles of Extreme Client Care” Sandra Martini
There’s a challenge inherent in every VA’s business: Growing and managing your own business while often doing the same for your clients’. It’s a symbiotic relationship – without their success, you struggle. And if you’re struggling, your focus isn’t on their success. Discover the principles of Extreme Client Care™ and how systematically implementing them for both your, and your clients’, businesses guarantees mutual success. The type of success which has businesses lining up for your services and ensures your rate isn’t an issue.

“Using Outlook to Manage You and Your Clients” Lisa Olinda
Are you in an email nightmare? Checking multiple accounts via webmail? Dealing with different signatures for client accounts? Are you managing multiple clients with contacts, calendars, emails – OH MY! The desktop client Outlook can save you time and money. Yes, you have a cost associated with using Outlook. May balk at paying a yearly fee or even a one time payment. Remember your time is money. I have used Outlook in my business since its debut in 1997. It has paid for itself time and again. I can show you tips and tricks that will at least save you one hour a week in your email, calendar and contact management. With a little bit of knowledge and good maintenance of Outlook you can soar through your work like the ultimate professional you are!

“Getting more done with MailChimp” Terri Orlowski
MailChimp is a powerful email marketing tool that can be used for far more than just a traditional enewsletter. With tools like grouping, RSS-campaigns and autoresponders, MailChimp can be used to build your list and communicate with your tribe in many ways. Many people don’t realize the full range of options available with MailChimp, for a much lower monthly fee than some of the more expensive email marketing systems. During this workshop, you will learn how to set up your account, personalize your signup forms, and integrate MailChimp with your WordPress website and other services. I’ll also show you some best-practices to help keep your subscribers from getting confused and keep them interested in your content.

“How to Backwards Plan To Move Forward” Regina Osirus
Many people come to the Coffee Chat and say they are in the “Planning Stages” of starting their business and never move pass that. Well it’s time to get pass that stage and make your business an everyday reality! In this workshop participants will learn the art of backwards planning. A strategic technique you can use from planning your opening day of your business to a family vacation. In fact you can use backwards planning in every aspect of your life! In this hour the participants will learn how to backwards plan anything by:

  • Visually placing themselves at the moment in time of their goal and go through that event/moment
  • Set realistic milestones and goals based on their visualization
  • Create a solid checklist, and
  • Have a real “Lessons Learned” guide to utilize for their next opportunity. As a result they can set a real “Opening Day” date for their business, and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

“Become a Professional Author’s Assistant: Build a Profitable Business Working with Authors in the Rapidly Changing World of Publishing” Michelle Scappace & Janica Smith
Work with creative people who are passionate about becoming published authors! Authors make great clients, and the number of books being published annually is increasing at an unprecedented rate. There is a tremendous need for virtual assistants who can provide those services to authors who don’t have the time or expertise to do it themselves. If you are looking to start or grow your current virtual business working with authors is a lucrative and in-demand niche. In this session we will talk more about the work of the Author’s Assistant, the skills that are needed to do the work, the value of certification as a Professional Author’s Assistant, and how you can get the training you need to start working with this rapidly growing client base. Who will benefit from this session:

  • VAs looking for a niche that will support higher rates
  • VAs who love reading and want to be a part of the publishing world
  • VAs who want to help messengers leave a legacy.

“How to Build a Strong VA Business Through Relationship Marketing”Gayla Scrivener
Who do we tend to do business with? Those that we know and trust, right? As a VA, we like to work behind the scenes to help make our clients look great. As a business owner, you MUST market your business in order to recruit and retain clients. Learn how to grow your VA business through building strong relationships. Building relationships through networking is the most effective and economical method of marketing your VA business. Learn tips to overcome your fear of going to networking events. Learn how to leverage your skills as a VA in a networking group to gain exposure. Learn how to “sell” without coming across as “salesy.” Become the “go-to” person that people know and trust. Your referrals will increase and your client base will be strong and loyal.

“From Backstory To Bucks: One Easy Step To Attract More Clients With Your Personal Story!” Gina Trimarco
Whose storyline is it anyway?! It’s YOURS and you have more than one. Gina Trimarco, business strategist and improv expert, will share with us the value of your personal life stories and how to turn them into marketing messages and money. You don’t need to be a writer to be a storyteller. You DO need to be a storyteller to attract and engage clients AND you already are. Now it’s time to use your natural storytelling skills! Every life experience has a cash value and it’s time to cash in. What you will learn:

  • How to get over your fear and doubt of sharing your life experiences and voice
  • The importance of realizing and heightening your real talents and “genius”
  • How to use improv to find your stories and monetize them authentically

“5 Steps To Avoid Overwhelm In Your VA Business” Sara Wagers
We all know how easy it is to get busy working with clients, but if we don’t take time to build a solid foundation in our business it’s easy to become overwhelmed and not giving our best to our clients or our families. This talk is for new or established VA’s that want to either prepare a solid foundation to avoid overwhelm or for established VA’s that find themselves always trying to catch up and doing things last minute. I will take you through the 5 steps I use to avoid overwhelm in my business. This includes things such as learning to focus, establishing you ideal client, only offering services you love doing (and not services that you are good at), weekly planning, and quarterly reviews of your business to evaluate what is working and what isn’t.